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Guide: Leves, Hunting & FATES

September 2, 2017 Guides 0

What is a FATE, how do I complete my hunting log and what in the world is a Levequest? This guide will provide more in depth knowledge about these three events you’ll come across often on your quest across Eorzea. Find out all you need to know about these activities and what they are good for here.



Map64 Icon.pngFATES or Full Active Time Events are dynamic scenarios, often battles, that appear around Eorzea. FATEs involve boss battles, escort missions and other events. Players can complete these events for experience, gil and Grand Company seals. Occasionally players will also receive items for successful completion of a FATE at gold medal. There are several different type of fates ranging from Killing enemies, Killing a boss, Collecting items, Defending and Escorting. You’ll discover many new mobs and fun rewards.

Type of FATES


Kill Enemies
Map64 Icon.png

Monster FATES require the players to defeat waves and waves of monsters. On your map, they show up as icons with two crossed swords. Players can increase their rating by tagging or first hitting monsters, doing damage to the monsters and healing and reviving other players. To obtain participation for a monster slain, players need to get on the aggro table (pops up on the left) for that monster when it is slain.

  • Easiest way to achieve Gold Medal rating is by tagging monsters with instant cast spells, damage them with AoE abilities, gaining enmity for multiple mobs and healing players with high enmity.
Kill BossMap65 Icon.png

Boss FATEs require the players to defeat one large and powerful boss monster. On your map, they show up as icons with monster maw. Players can increase their rating by doing damage to the boss, tanking hits from the boss and healing other players.

  • Players do not gain participation by creating enmity, instead they gain rating by tanking the boss’ attacks. Simply tanking a hit, regardless of whether you dodge, parry or take damage from it, gives you the same level of contribution.
CollectMap66 Icon.png

Collect FATEs require the players to collect and turn in special items. On your map, they show up as bag icons along with a small bag that indicate the location of the FATE NPC. Players can increase their rating by turning in collectibles before the timer hits 0.

  • Players can easily obtain the Gold Medal rating by picking up the FATE items on the ground and handing them to the FATE NPC.
Defend Map67 Icon.png

In these FATEs, players have to defend certain objects from destruction for a specified amount of time. Waves of enemies will attempt to destroy these objects and players must defeat these foes. If the objects are destroyed, players fail the FATE.

Escort Map68 Icon.png

In these FATEs, players need to escort an NPC or multiple NPCs from one place to another. The NPC will travel from point A to point B, players must defend her from incoming monsters. If the NPC is killed, players fail the FATE.

  • Note that the HP of NPCs will regenerate outside of combat.



Tips and Tricks
  • Players do not need to stick around for the entire FATE. If you feel comfortable that you have done enough to receive full exp for the fate, you can leave early to join another FATE that may have popped. For Collect FATEs this is typically 6-8 of the items.
  • Make sure to join a party. Often if you shout in an area that you are “looking for group” someone will pick you up. You can also use the Party Finder.
  • By being in a party, you will not only increase your likelihood of getting the Gold Medal for FATE completion, but also allows you to share everyone’s experience as monsters are killed.
  • Tanks having trouble getting Gold Medal for FATE completion should spam Flash.
  • Healers having trouble receiving high ranking FATE completion can spam Aero or Bio and tag as many mobs as possible.
  • Casters can spam AoE abilities such as Blizzard II or Miasma II.


Boss FATES can give rewards such as unique mounts, clothing and pets.



Image result for ffxiv ixion mount


Prey Online/Noctilucale


Foxy Lady

Hunting Log

Mob1 Icon.pngHunting Log is a great way of gaining experience while soloing. Players can complete

hunting tasks and unlock new ones by slaying sets of monsters on the log. The hunting log indicates the monsters, locations, difficulties and experience rewards of the tasks. It also keeps track of the tasks you’ve completed. Players can unlock new ranks by completing all the tasks in the previous rank. The completion of all the tasks in a rank will grant the player a massive amount of experience. Grand Company Hunting Logs grant Company Seals instead of experience. With the seals you can buy rewards from your grand company.

Each class and Grand Company has a different set of mobs to hunt and are not shared between classes. You can check your specific hunting log by pressing H in game or by checking the wiki here:  if you see the ripple wave icon Mob1 Icon.png it means that mob can be added to your hunting log. Some mobs will only be marked with the icon once you’ve cleared the lower lvl mobs first, it’s a chain of events. Some mobs you will only find inside dungeons. Happy hunting!

 Image result for levequest


Levequest1 Icon.pngLevequests are immediately repeatable quests obtained by talking to a Levemete. You can possess up to 100 Leve Allotments at any one time, with three replenishing every 12 hours. Upon talking to a Levemete, you will be offered a set number of available Levequests, and you can select any/all offered. New levequests will be offered as you complete the ones taken. Levequests fall into three main groups, battlecraft, tradescraft and fieldcraft.

Of course, there are no regulations stating that tasks must be completed alone. Adventurers are free to call on their companions to join them, as only one leve is required to take advantage of the benefits and privileges provided to its bearer. By coordinating the leves of multiple party members, adventurers can even plan grand campaigns built around several different quests.

Levequest are divided into 3 categories. Battlecraft (which have a player fighting against monsters as a Disciple of War or Magic), Fieldcraft (Which have a player gathering items as a Disciple of the Land), or Tradecraft (Which have you crafting items as a Disciple of the Hand).

Levequests are great for lvling your Disciple of the hand classes, but the exp you receive for Disciple of War or Magic can’t quite compare to FATE spamming.

Type of Levequests

This mob is a current levequest target.Mob16 Icon.png
This mob is a current guildhest target.Mob17 Icon.png

Battlecraft Levequests are for Disciples of War & Magic and generally require a player to fight something or collect something from the mobs. Battlecraft Levequests allow you to select a difficulty setting. Increasing the degree of difficulty will result in more powerful enemies by 1 level, larger amounts of experience points, greater experience, and difficulty rewards.


Fieldcraft Levequests are for Disciples of the Land and require the player to gather something through the gathering class the Levequest is associated with.


These Levequests are for Disciples of the Hand and require the player to make something with the Crafting Class that the Levequest is associated with.

Large-scale Leves

These levequests are battle, field and tradecraft leves which grant bigger rewards for twice the work, but also cost 10 allotments. Only available in Ishgard.
You may occasionally receive Amber-encased Vilekin from chests, which can be traded for lvl 52, 54, 56, 58 wristbands and rings for DoW or DoM at the Amber Trader.


Guildleves are the metal plates issued by the Levemete which describe the levequest. Levequests using the same guildleve will typically share a common characteristic (i.e. levequest bearing the Constancy plate are crafting levequests where delivery is in the same location as the levemete, levequests bearing the Resolve plate are battle leves requiring you to pacify a mob). The challenge Just Leave It to Me requires completing leves using 5 different plates, but otherwise the plate is largely irrelevant.