EU-Odin, Final Fantasy XIV Free Company

Zamarkand (Katla) is growing!

September 11, 2017 Zamarkand 0

So it’s been a week since we announced that we’d be opening the gates for a new guild (Free Company!) in Final Fantasy XIV. Since then we’ve had the privilege of seeing many returning familiar faces and new faces to the game and to the community. The FC is still small, but we’re going strong and are growing steadily.

Find us in game

If you are considering joining, you could always check out the free trial first. You won’t be able to join the FC but, you can still join our Linkshell (permanent chat group ingame) and party up. Since FF has a lot of scaling mechanics there’s nothing stopping us from doing dungeons with you once you’ve unlocked them, independent of level. Seek out Chair Care, Astra Colemyn, Begil Ward or Glimpse Amaruq in game to get added.

If you’re feeling confused about the one character all classes aspect of FF I recommend you to check out the guide we made for that.

Also, remember that dungeons are often unlocked via the Main Scenario Quests but not always, if you need a list of how to unlock dungeons you can find that here.

Soon we will open up our doors to official recruitment on the realm but so far it’s more or less only Katlings in the guild. Enjoy it while it lasts! Good things are coming. ^^ Cheers! – Astra (Kallah)