About Us

EU-Odin, Final Fantasy XIV Free Company

Hello Stranger!

Zamarkand is a Free Company that was founded in 2017, but with a history that goes back many years. We’re made up of a group of people that want to accomplish mainly three things:

  1. Create a free company with a social and open minded vibe where everyone can feel welcome
  2. Do hardmode raiding with a close knitted group of friends
  3. Have fun and kick ass!

We may be fairly new to Final Fantasy but we have many years experience of running large sized guilds doing the both social stuff and hardmode content.

It’s perfectly okay to join in just to hang out even if you don’t have a particular interest in raiding. Most of our members are above 18 and the tone is relaxed but mature (with a touch of nutty). We accept and understand that people have a life, studies, families etc. Discussions in guild chat vary from anything between scrutinizing class mechanics, dj’ing, Transformers, how to bake the best muffins, swords, film, cars, history, knitting, ice cream, gaming, unicorns, art, spaceships and stuff.

Once upon a time…

In a far away realm called Azeroth, back in 2011, a small group of people decided that they’d form a World of Warcraft raiding guild. We wanted to gather the nicest people we knew (and the ones we did not), and prove that you can do high end hardmode content, while still having both fun and treating each other with respect. We made Katla, and we were more successful than we could have imagined. Over the years, Katla grew from a membership of 10, to a membership of hundreds of people. Throughout the years we never stopped having fun or adopting a relaxed attitude towards raiding, while still being able to pull together the focus and dedication needed to finish off the most challenging bosses World of Warcraft had to offer. We’re super proud of everyone that were part of building the guild during this time, you all contributed to giving us a really special run.

After growing slightly tired with the 20-man raiding in WoW, we found that Final Fantasy XIV could offer us some of the content we were looking for, and a group of us decided to jump over and form Zamarkand together.

Currently we’re very small. Tiny in fact. But we’ll grow. You can be sure of that. We’re ready for a new adventure. The question is, do you want to be part of it?