Guide: Reaching lvl 70 and gearing up

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For most of us, the Stormblood expansion is our introduction to FFXIV, which means we’ve missed out on 4 expansions worth of content. All of this content is still present in the game, so it’s sometimes hard to discern which content you should concentrate on, in order to help progress your character, and which content is optional.

The amount of optional content in FFXIV is absolutely overwhelming, and designed to accommodate players who wish to pursue ventures other than raiding. The Gathering and Crafting content is essentially an entire game by itself, and there are hundreds of other in-game activities which are more in-depth than you might imagine. This guide is written for raiders to jump in, and reach a gear iLvl of 320 as quickly as possible.

This is probably not the most fun way to play FFXIV, nor is it technically the most useful way to contribute to the guild, as a large part of the game will only be unlocked once we raise a huge amount of money, and find a way to procure in-game property. Play however you want, enjoy the world, and thank you for being a citizen of Zamarkand 🙂

– Trance (Arika)

Reaching lvl 70

You can reach lvl 70 almost entirely via the Main Storyline Quests (MSQ) and Daily Roulettes (Dungeons). Quests marked with a yellow “!” are entirely optional, as they only award a small amount of exp. They are essentially only there to give you a little boost, if you need to level up before the next Storyline Quest.

Quests with a blue “!” are quests which unlock features, but do not reward much exp. Some of these are new classes or abilities, but the majority of them unlock the hundreds of optional features and time sinks that were added to the game during the 3 expansions that we didn’t play. As a general rule, you can read the quest text to figure out whether the quest is related to your Job/Class Storyline, or if it’s an unrelated and optional.

Levels and Fates are complicated and very inefficient for levelling. I’d recommend you only dabble in them once you reach lvl 70, and have a better standing of the economics of the game.

If you find yourself running short on exp, you can head to Quarrymill (South Shroud), and play the Palace Of The Dead mini-game with a “Matched Party”. This is a randomly generated dungeon which matches 4 players together, awards a large amount of exp each time they successfully complete 10 floors, and always has an instant queue for all classes. Once you successfully reach Floor 50, you have the choice to start each run at either Floor 1 or Floor 50. For the very fastest exp, start at Floor 50, play until Floor 60, and then reset the run, repeated Floor 50-60 every time.

If you find yourself short of exp to reach lvl 70 after completing the Stormblood quests, consider queueing for a few games of PVP, as this awards more exp than Palace Of The Dead at the very highest levels.

Once you reach lvl 70, you must still complete the Storyline Quest, in order to unlock all the features of the game.

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