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It’s not easy getting into a new game with an abundance of variables and new information for every aspect it entails. This guide features some images snapshotted from, but we’ve broken it down a bit to focus on things we found extra vital to understand when starting the game fairly new to the world. If you wish to read the entire article there is a link at the bottom of this page. – Astra (Kallah)

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The blue feature quest.

Let’s start out with questing. Once you start playing FF you will realize there are a myriad of quests, and many different types of quests, all visible on your map. Let’s start out by looking at what types of quests the game has to offer.

Quest types

It’s worth to note that the most important quests while starting out as a new player are the Main Scenario quests and the feature quests, since these will advance your story and/or give you access to new features of the game. Note the blue feature quest in particular.

Icons – Variants on the quest types

Let’s take a look how these types of quests are actually displayed inside the game. As you can see, they all come in a set that indicates different statuses on the quest. It’s worth to note the Levequests while you’re leveling additional classes after your main one, since these dailies are a great source of XP, especially for DPS as you can crank up the difficulty and thereby receiving more XP.

Special types of quests

Some quest icons are considered secondary and/or are particular for an area or feature of the game. See below

Secondary questsGolden Saucer / Triple Triad 

The Triple Triad is a mini card game that can be unlocked in FF. It originates from Final Fantasy VIII. The Golden Saucer is a sort of game center with an arcade mode consisting of many mini games.

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An abbreviation of Full Active Time Events, Fates are scenarios that will spawn out in the world of Eorzea and that will award XP and other things upon completion. There are many different kinds of FATEs and it’s not always easy to know how to differentiate them. The icons however, can give you an idea of what the quest entails.

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Enemy Icons

Something else that you will run into often is the various enemies that inhabit Eorzea. Usually an icon appears next to their name, as a source of information on what type of enemy it is and its difficulty level.

Some enemy icons might be temporary, for example if they are involved in a quest.

The higher the level, the more difficult the mob will be to defeat.

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Gear rarity

Finally let’s check out the gear rarity levels of FF.

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That’s all I had for now. Probably we will update with a part 2 some time in the future. Good luck on your quests!
Original information source Dictionary of Icons >>