Join the Clan!

EU-Odin, Final Fantasy XIV Free Company


We’re so happy that you’re interested in joining us. If you send us an email or message Astra Colemyn ingame, we’ll have a chat and see what we can do! Remember, we’re on Odin. 😉 We welcome both new and old users, and wish the FC to be diverse and thriving. Don’t be shy, just send us a line!

Some things to consider before you join:

We strive for a relaxed atmosphere within our company but we have some ideals that we think are important! These exist in an attempt to make the experience while playing and the time you spend and invest within the guild as pleasurable as possible. 🙂

We really don’t like bigotry. If you’re part of Zamarkand, please don’t use any type of offensive or discriminating chat in the game. It’s okay to joke around from time to time; it is not okay to harass anyone for any reason. Racist, homophic, transphobic or sexist slander is not something we take lightly, nor is derogatory speech concerning, but not limited to, religious beliefs.

Treat people with respect always! Inside the guild, outside the guild, yourself as well. When you’re part of Zamarkand you represent the company, wear the Zamarkand and Katla tag with class! Just simply being nice is our most important rule to be honest, the online world can be harsh sometimes, we’d like Zamarkand to be an exception from that. If conflict happens, bring it up privately with an officer in the company. We rarely if ever have any drama going on, and we find that if we just talk about things, most stuff can be sorted.

We like feedback!

And hey! Never be afraid to raise an issue if you feel the need for it! We welcome feedback, it’s how we get better.

Let me tell you a story…

…Curious about the FC? If you like, you can read a bit more about Zamarkand and how we came to plop down on Odin in Final Fantasy XIV, follow this link to get some facts >>