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Guild News: Sept 30th – Unstickied


Autumn’s coming and as people start huddling up indoors as the rain & wind roll in, I thought it’d be a good time to post some general info on what’s going down in the virtual hood. I’ll try to posting these at least once a month.

Guild Achievments: Classic Raids!
In the name of fun, guild achi and transmorgrification we’ll start going through all the old raids available in the game. *claps* We’ll start by Molten Core, Sunday evening this week, we need 10 for the guild achi (if we’re not enough for the achi the event will be moved to following week.) After that we’ll work ourself through the rest of the classic dungeons to TBC and finally WotLK. I hope as many of you as possible will be able to join in for this! =D Check ingame calender for invites.

Firelands Trash Runs
We will start doing FL Trash runs regularly for rep and gear. This will be mainly for the official raid group that need to gear up for their FL encounter. Main group will take prio in attendance and second prio are stand ins. If there are open spots anyone can join so don’t be afraid to sign up. I wish to get as many as possible of you in there. See this post for info on mobs and rep gear. See the ingame calendar for your invite!

Filauria is organizing with premade BG’s and anyone interested in participating should keep a close eye on this site since she will be posting updates here SOON, along with a poll on which bg’s you would prefer to run. Keep a look out!

Forums & Discussions
We will be installing a forum here soon where it will be easier for you to Continue reading

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Raid News: Current Set Up October


Hello good folks,

thanks to everyone participating in the last FL trash run. It was hella fun and I look forward to running more of those with you soon. I’m 100% sure we have the makings of a great team, regarding the boss encounter now we’ve actually had a chance to read up more about Shannox and develop a strategy, someone suggested killing off the one dog first, which we’ll probably try during next encounter.

Here is the latest overview of our raid group as it looks now. There’s been a few changes since some have realized they don’t have the time needed right now. All in all it’s looking good, and most of the people in this list are now geared up as well.

The first section is main group, second section are current stand ins, as you can see we need more melee dps so we’ll probably pick some up from there. :)

To see the set up as a large single page instead (better overview) CLICK HERE!!>>

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Short Guide to Firelands Trash Runs


As we’re growing closer to having a fully formed raid group (still waiting for a couple to hit 85 and gear up but most of us are there now) it might be a good idea to start doing some Firelands … Continue reading

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ICC Guildrun – Unstickied


Hello hello. By this coming friday we’ll start doing some WotL guild runs for achi, warm up and fun. Anyone’s  welcome. Check ingame calendar for your invite. =D   These are some bosses we most likely will encounter: The Lower … Continue reading

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Preparing for Raid: Arcane Mage


This guide is intended to bring you useful information in order to better prepare yourself for end game PvE content with your Arcane Mage. It’s current with patch 4.2. Menu Stat Priority Reforging Gemming Enchants Spec Builds and Glyphs Potions, … Continue reading

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