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Shannox killed!

Great job last night! We did Shannox and almost Beth’ilac, we’ll get him next time.

Screenies as promised!

And also of course, we have the dancing ninja cheer leading team!

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Tactics – Beth’ilac

it's a spider!Greetings, and welcome to yet another episode of “Sootie attempts to write an article”! Today we’ll have a closer look at Beth’ilac the giant spiderboss in the Firelands.

This is the video from where I’ve found inspiration and tactics. I have not yet done the encounter myself, so fingers crossed! Here’s the video.

Beth’ilac works on 2 levels, upstairs and downstairs. He (she?) spawns different types of adds which needs to be handled. Beth’ilac will be tanked, the big adds will be tanked and the small adds will be nuked.
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Tactics – Shannox

If you want to see the encounter in a way “similar” to what I have in mind (not identical tho), check out this video

Shannox has 2 dogs with him: Riplimb and Rageface, so the fight consists of 3 enemies. (Shannox and Riplimb will be tanked, while Rageface will be running around, dealing damage to random players.)
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First raiding list!

We had a nice raid with a lot of success last sunday! I promised to post the list for loot from my suicide kings addon so this is me doing that. Please note that these are only the people who attended the raid. New raiders will roll into the list.

Main Spec list

  1. Filauria
  2. Sootie
  3. Jorvar
  4. Risikka
  5. Luohi
  6. Kallah
  7. Anossiel
  8. Daugnir
  9. Gumbor
  10. Bramgrave

Off spec list

The offspecc list will be the other way around to make it fair to those who rolled low.

  1. Gumbor
  2. Daugnir
  3. Anossiel
  4. Kallah
  5. Luohi
  6. Risikka
  7. Jorvar
  8. Sootie
  9. Filauria
  10. Bramgrave

The Addon we will be using is called “KonferSK (Suicide Kings)” and you can download it here if you want, but we do not force everyone to, because the list will be updated on this blog after each raid if there are any changes. The only people who really need to get the addon are those who might play the role of the Master Looter at some point so that we can sync the list with each other.

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Guild Raid: Fix Up, Look Sharp! =D

I’m very excited to say that it’s time for us to take our staves, bows, axes, swords and whatnots and go spank some serious endgame content together. This will be the first time we take on a real challenge in this particular constellation, and it’s going to be interesting to see how things enfold. :D

First out is Baradin Hold and Blackwing Descent  this Sunday. If BH isn’t available we’ll go for BWD, beware we might try out on both, since BH is pretty short. Make sure you read up on tactics for both raids before start out.


Sunday Oct 16, 7PM server time.

How we expect you to come to raid:

  1. In time. Invites go out 15 min before raid start.
  2. Read up on tactics for all involved bosses.
  3. Read up on guild raiding rules.
  4. With Buff Food, Pots, Flasks fitting for your class that lasts through duration of raid.
  5. With your gear properly gemmed and enchanted.
  6. With a stable internet connection.
  7. In the main spec you’ve got signed up for raid wearing your finest bling!
  8. In your brightest most determined mood.

If you have any questions about this whatsoever don’t hesitate to drop me a line at any time!

Raid Leading
I’m very happy to announce that Sootie has agreed to help leading raids. He and I will be sharing the responsibility of raid leading and Gumbor and Filauria will main assist as needed. Big thanks to the three of you for agreeing to help out with this!

Raid Group

This is what the group looks like right now. It’s NOT 100% done. The basis for grouping is first come first serve, as long as you have a class that works for the all over group balance/drops etc and a good head on your shoulders. Main raid group always has prio for raid but you’re welcome to sign up even if you don’t have a spot yet. This is to get concistency and steady progress. See the detailed list here >>

Main Group:
Tank – Klerb, Paladin
Tank – Kallah, DK
Tank – Sootie, Warrior
Healer – Filauria, Druid
Healer – Gumbor, Shaman
Healer – Bramgrave, Paladin
Ranged DPS – Risikka, Hunter
Ranged DPS – Jorvar, Hunter
Ranged DPS – Vyraesa, Mage
Ranged DPS – Possibly open spot
Melee DPS – Reedin, Shaman
Melee DPS – Daugnir, Paladin
Melee DPS – Anossiel, Druid
Melee DPS – Possibly open spot.
(Healer – Goodsprocket/Karune, Priest)?

Signed up for potential open spots with raid group:
Ranged DPS – Ridne, Mage, Kallah’s alt
Melee DPS – Marronizer, Rogue
Healer – Emoigast, Paladin
Melee DPS? – Thinktank, Warrior
Healer – Aydal, Druid
Ranged DPS – Jurgen, Warlock
Healer? – Antipope, Priest
Melee DPS? – Luohi, DK
Melee DPS – Samerian, DK
Melee DPS – Elisabeta, DK
Ranged DPS – Rufuzstefan, Warlock

If something seems out of place in these lists contact me ingame or comment below.

Voice Chat

We’re still slightly undecided about this so for now we will go with Skype, unless we manage to set up a Ventrilo server during the weekend. Keep a look out on this web for any updates in this regard.

And that’s all for now. I look forward to seeing you Sunday! Any questions feel free to ask ingame or just comment on this post.


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