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Guild News December


Hello fellow guildies,
as winter is rearing it’s head and it’s getting darker outside and we’re more likely to stay huddling inside in the cosy warmth of our homes to play some good ole WoW, stick around for some new and old Guild News being serverd. :)

Team Speak
New private server awesomely arranged for us by the good Antipope! Different channels exists for different activities. Make sure you get the client installed esp if you’re going to raid, otherwise just to hang out if you want that. Don’t forget to configure it for push to talk. See instructions under guild info or ask Emo!

Rated Battlegrounds/PvP
We’ve done some attempts on getting this started up. We’re trying to figure out if we want to recruit people who are already geared and dedicated, or if we start from scratch by gearing up and growing our pvp skills trhough arena and normal BG. Fil and Emoigast are the people to talk about this if you have questions or suggestions. In any case our goal is to 1. Form a PvP team, 2. have weekly pvp events. As to what goals we should aim for, this need to be defined.

So we took are bows and our hats and our maces and whatnot and ventured into Firelands to see what would give. And I must say that I’m impressed with how fast our teamwork has evolved. Now we take 6/7 bosses effortlessly, all we need to do now is put Raggy in his place before we move on to new, shiny content. I look forward to this!

We’re also going to be doing a lot of the new patch content such as running new dungeons during December. Watch out in calendar for events.

Looting Guidelines
So there’s been some changes to the looting rules for raid. The criteria for the new rules were: “Loot should both help us get a stable raid group that can handle progress, and also be distributed as fairly as possible.” I for one prefer having something to go by, I wouldn’t want to end in a situation where I have to decide who gets what on a whim without being backed up by some guidelines that people think are fair, nor should anyone else. We’ll put the info on looting in a separate post. So we don’t end up with too much wall of text here. =) Obs! Vanity items like mounts etc are rolled for evenly by everyone!

We found ourselves down to only 10 members in the main raiding group and since we ultimately want to keep the number around 14 this led to some recruiting. Mainly from within the guild. There’s also been some recruiting in regards to PvP. I trust you to make our new recruits feel welcome like only you can do! =P =D

Guild Bank
With increased number of members we’ve decided to change the bank access a little bit. The different tabs allows you to withdraw a different amount of stacks depending on their content. Tabs with mats for professions in example, have a much higher withdrawal number than the others. Also we’ve added a raiding rank to allow raidmembers to do a little bit more repairing since they might face a lot of wiping, and also the tabs with pots and flasks and gear that you only really need if you’re doing raid, that only raidmember rank can withdraw from.

Please remember!  Anyone in the guild can ALWAYS ask to withdraw ANYTHING they like from the guildbank. It’s there to be used, not to be hoarded. If you don’t have access to a particular tab that you think you SHOULD have access to or you set your eyes on a piece of grear that you NEED. Just contact an officer, make a case for it and as long as it’s sensible there’s no reason whatsoever for you not to have it.

That’s all for now. Enjoy December!


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This Wednesday – Hour of Twilight

Look. It’s a vid. :o

Not the snazziest trailer they’ve made so far but yeah, it’s here.
See you in dungeons! //Kallah

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Majordomo Staghelm put down!

After a couple of tries everything went smoothly and we killed the druid boss!
Well done!

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Baleroc downed!

Latest raid went fine, we downed three bosses during raid including Baleroc which is a first for us.

After a first try where we mixed up the taunting as well as the rotations a bit, we had a very smooth almost perfect kill on the second try.

Congrats to all of you!


The Gate Keeper Downed.

The Bridge to Sulfuron Keep automagically appears. D=

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Get ready!


For PvP night!!! Filauria and Emoigast will guide you through this evening of war! This friday (tomorrow), we will do Rated Battlegrounds, and it will be much more organized than last time, which was a very much spontaneous try. But … Continue reading

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