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Katla vs Ultraxion

So we finally got Ultraxion down after a couple of tries.

You were total rock stars.

A fitting end for our first (albeit very short) raiding season. Really awesome job everyone and fun to see so many show up on such short notice. I feel extremely proud of everyone.

And guys, please take credit, we did this without having everyone in their ms and no heroic gear whatsover.

Since we haven’t had any time yet to take a look at Firelands Heroics we plan to do so during holidays and/or possibly run som Dragon Soul depending on who signs up. You don’t need to be there but if you can, it’d be fun. It’d be nice to nab some of that FL HC gear as well to help progress through DS. Keep a look out! :) Also, big thanks to Thinktank for putting the video together.

Happy Holidays!


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Feedback from latest raid


Heya my lovely fellow guildies,

as we have some very smart people with us in this guild I’ve got a bit of feedback from the last raid. These are the things that came up and I agree with them whole heartedly, let’s fix this:


  1. We establish a proper combat ress hierarchy since the amount of hp the ressed one gets varies a lot. Fil is close to 100%, Lock is 70%, DK is 49%, Unglyphed druid is 20%. This should lead to less confusion and less need for talking.
  2. Less talking during raid. Keep focus. No unnecessary talk besides what is absolutely relevant for the encounters (this goes for raid leaders just as well as everyon else, most of us are guilty of this). Leave talking to raid leaders unless critical.
  3. NO fixing gear during raid. You should come PREPARED. As the guidelines clearly states. Either you fix it beforehand or you leave it, no wasting valuable raid time on things like this please.

Alright, I know you’re all brilliant people, let’s just sharpen up and do this in order to optimize our performance together. :)

Also, there’s a section about potions coming that you should have a look at. Keep checking back!


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Hagara, Yor’sahj, Warlord Zon’ozz Videos

Here are the vids for our first kills of the next three bosses, we downed them on Sunday the 4th. It was a total faceroll. Zon’ozz and Yor’sahj both on first try. Hagara went smooth as well. Over to Ultraxion whom we took to 14%. We will get him next time. This was an awesome raid and people are really coming together as a team.

Bloody brilliant work everyone!

Hagara the Stormbinder


Warlord Zon’ozz

Big thanks to Thinktank for recording and uploading these. HD ftw. :)


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Master of Lewts

I don’t like focusing too much on this but the fact remains that this is a practical issue. We raid because it’s fun and we want to see as much new cool stuff as possible. If our loot isn’t up to par we wont be able to do that. We’d just like to give out loot with the entire raids best interest in mind in order to maximize fun and not having to spend time thinking about it later .So:

Reasons Why
As I’ve mentioned before we’ve made some changes to the looting system. We did this because we want to get a more stable raid group that are geared in such a way that they can keep a steady progress, in order to maximize fun for everyone.

Also since raiders in the main group will have prio over standby in some situations, we wanted to make sure that it would be easier to get into main group as long as you are showing that you really want to spend the time to raid and show up often. In example, if someone in main is only there once in a while, pops in and can prio loot over someone in standby who has been every time and spent time and effort on raid, it doesn’t help the raid at all and we consider it unfair.

Criteria for Changes
“The system is made to  1. help form a stable raiding group that can progress steadily, and 2. be as fair as possible”.


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Epic Dragon Soul Raid!

We had a great raid tonight but we also had a great “Ahaaa!” moment during the trash mobs on the last encounter… Anywho, we downed “Warlord Zon’ozz” and “Yor’sahj the Unsleeping” aaaaand “Hagara the Stormbinder” almost effortlessly! :D Videos will be posted.

I’m also posting the MS looting list so you know what it looks like after todays raid.

Here comes the list: Continue reading

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