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Katla vs Madness of Deathwing

Congrats you awesome people. <3 We did a great job on this and it's been extremely fun to see the raid group evolve during the short time we've run together. This fight in particular posed no trouble for us at all. Here's the vid! I WILL NEVER GO TIRED OF WATCHING THIS

I really think you outdid yourself on this vid Think. The angles are really cool, you see a lot more of the animations and effects than you when you’re focused on the actual fight. Also the music fits extremely well.


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Morning Mood…

(Katla vs Spine of Deathwing)


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Katla vs Warmaster Blackhorn

Here’s the kill video!

This was a fairly clean encounter, we more or less one shotted him.
Nice work everyone and thanks for the vid Think. Cheers! :)

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Finally with a long raid and after  A few attempts we killed Ragnaros the Firelord with help from a friendsly mage named Aix and a helpful priest named Daysie!

Thanks a lot for the help and heres the prooooof!

And if you still don’t believe we did it, how about this!?

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