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Katla vs Ultraxion HC

Since Think is amazing, he edited and uploaded this late last night. Enjoy beautiful ppl!

Gumbor – Restoration Shaman
Triceya – Discipline Priest
Emoigast – Retribution Paladin
Sootee – Survival Hunter
Jorvar – Survival Hunter
Miznut – Balance Druid
Marronizer – Combat Rogue
Oopoop – Demonology Warlock
Thinktank – Protection Warrior
Kallah – Blood Death Knight

3/8 HC. Now it’ll start to get a bit hard. Let’s faceroll it. ;)


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Alt Runs!

Hello people, we will start making alt runs now if we get the sign ups for it. Go to forum post now >>. Info Anyone can join and sign up for these. We raid Dragon Soul 10 Normal. Keep a … Continue reading

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Katla vs Yor’sahj the Unsleeping 10HC

And, here’s the vid. Again thanks to Think for fixing these.

This was a really well excuted kill. Absolutely awesome job everyone!

Yes we had a bit of an unusual set up for this, that turned out to work swell for us:

Assasination Rogue – Melee Dd
Retribution Paladin – Melee Dd
Arms Warrior – Melee Dd (tank in Arms os)
Survival Hunter – Ranged Dd
Beast Mastery Hunter – Ranged Dd
Demonology Warlock – Ranged Dd
Restoration Shaman – Healer
Disciplin Priest – Healer
Holy Paladin – Healer
Blood Death Knight – Tank

Always keeping one mana void up to kill as needed, and keeping rogue and retri paladin on the boss at all times, to beat enrage.

Slime Kill Prio:
1. Yellow
2. Green

With two exceptions:
Black | Purple | Red | Yellow – Where Purple is killed off, allowing us to heal through extensive damage.
Black | Green | Red | Yellow - Where Green is killed and again, allowing the raid to stack and heal through the damage.

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Katla vs Morchok HC

Ohai. Here’s the kill vid. Thanks Thinkie. Enjoy!

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