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Katla VS Heroic Warlord Zon’Ozz

We thought we were in the middle of learning the encounter, but then it died.
Swift justice delivered by Katla. And now we’re 5/8HC.

Big upz to our amazing healers. We love you. Thanks for not letting us die. D=

Triceya – Discipline Priest
Filauria – Restoration Druid
Gumbor – Restoration Shaman
Thinktank – Prot Warrior
Jorvar – Survival Hunter
Sootee – Survival Hunter
Oopoop – Demonology Warlock
Marronizer – Combat Rogue
Emoigast – Retribution Paladin
Kallah – Unholy Death Knight (OS)

Blackhorn is calling. We will bring the pain.


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Recruiting Raiders!



As things are coming together for our first raiding team by taking on Warmaster Blackhorn Heroic, plans for making a new raiding team within the guild are starting to come about. =D

Raiding should be fun
Primarily we are looking for good players and good people. Your gear is secondary as requirements for this will change over time, descent people are harder to come by as we see it.  Previous raiding experience or advanced PvP experience is a plus, this team is aiming to get as far as they can in HC, same as our first team, and have a good stable group come the time MoP arrives that knows how to work together. This is still casual raiding, and we are a casual guild. Our moto is that raiding should be fun, but nothing should be stopping you from becoming as good as you can or want to be.

Understanding teamwork and knowing how to work together with others is important, and staying positive. Have a sense of humour and self distance. Know how to focus and perform when you need to. Have a strong will to improve yourself and your gameplay. If your temper is short, have been known to nerd rage or is very impatient with others, this is not for you. As long as you keep improving & are nice, making mistakes are fine. If you’re not nice, you can gtfo. And that’s how we roll. ^^

Currently apps are open for all classes. We’re especially lf:

  • Resto Druid
  • Resto Shaman
  • Mage with both Fire/Arcane spec
  • Combat Rogue with Assasin OS
  • Survival Hunter
  • Demo Warlock

Raid times are not set in stone yet. Currently Saturday 2.oo pm  server time and leaning towards Friday or Tuesday for additional raid day, depending on team set up.

Join in?
Feel free to poke us ingame, or use the app form on this site >>

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Katla vs Heroic Hagara

Hagara the Stormbinder has been called to justice by yours truly.

Gj everyone. Esp the kiting geniuses in the end. And healers. And everyone. Ok. Yeah. <3


Gumbor – Restoration Shaman
Triceya – Discipline Priest
Emoigast – Holy Paladin
Jorvar – Survival Hunter
Miznut – Balance Druid
Sootee – Survival Hunter
Lavada – Enhancement Shaman
Oopoop – Affliction Warlock (OS)
Thinktank – Arms Warr (OS)
Kallah – Blood DK

Next up is Warlord Zon’Ozz. See you on the flipside.


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