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Guild Meeting

Hi, I’ve tried to gather up the different things people have suggested into an agenda and just thought I’d post it as well!

Meeting is Wednesday 25th of April 8.00 pm on ts and officers will summon you to the meeting spot!

Stuff to talk about

1. welcome to the new ppl – and some general info

2. alts and helping out – how prioritize loot? general about looting and where you find info on website

3. guild bank and farming mats – should we have some rule of thumb for this?

4. class specialists – is this something we need or want?

5. 25-man – do we want to do this for funsies? and when in that case?

6. pvp – do we have any special pvp ambitions? should we?

7. forum – to be or not to be?

8. signing up for raid – early or not?

9. teamspeak – to be or not to be? anyone have exp with raidcall?

10. extra activities – how does calendar work, can anyone sign up for anything, can anyone make events?

11. applications – how do we want to do these? should we put in the forums or not etc

12. new raidleader call out – if interested send mail to kallah

LAST – Guild meetings, to have or not to have again? :D

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Gems gems gems!


I found myself missing an overview of the types of gems that exist so I went ahead and made one. It’s a work in progress but I will post it on the web in case anyone can make use of it. Check it out!

You will find the link benieth the new Resources link in the main menu of this site.

You can also go directly to the document from this post >>


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Katla VS Warmaster Blackhorn HC

The warmaster has been called to justice and here’s the vid!

This fight was extremely fun I thought. Everyone is acting like aces in this video and the transition is absolutely flawless. So cool to see us pull it together when we were so tired. We are amazing at keeping the mood up through the wipes too, I think that’s the real challenge with this fight tbh.

And the end was absolutely thrilling!

Thank you as always for the vid Thinktank! (:

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