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Katla VS Heroic Spine of Deathwing


Here finally comes the video sorry for the delay!

Spine downed on Jun 11, 2012 19:29

After a lot of downtime for various players and swapping about with groups. The merged effort of team 1 and 2 got us the Spine kill and shortly after the Madness kill.

An almost flawless kill with one minor snag (check the vid to see if you can spot it :P).

Extremely smooth encounter and great job everyone!



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Summertimes @ Gotland!

Some of us live in the same area so we thought we should make a sort of “guild get together” in Visby on the island Gotland in Sweden! Everyone is welcome and we will have a party and probably explore this summer paradise during the days. You can find information about Gotland here! If you want a nice vacation and also see some of your guild mates IRL you should totally book your travels in this direction during the end of July and especially the weekend 26-29th of July.


List of people attending:

CONFIRMED: Filauria, Emoigast, Gumbor,  Kallah, Jorvar, Oopoop, Aydal, Anossiel, Ephem, Sootee, Triceya, Miznut

TENTATIVES: Marronizer, Tardius, Falendor

Note that these names are guildies only, partners and other friends who live on the island will also tagg along because we are so cool to hang out with :D


For more information, contact Filauria or any other officer.

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