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Katla is recruiting

The Katla clan is now looking around for fabulous players to join us for Warlords of Draenor content. If you think you’re a good fit for our guild, don’t hesitate to send us your application here >>

Open for all classes.

Raiding should be Fun
Primarily we are looking for good players and good people. Your gear is secondary as requirements for this will change over time, descent people are harder to come by as we see it. Previous HC raiding experience or advanced PvP experience is a plus but not a must. Your attitude, determination and ability to teamwork comes first. We think that raiding should be fun, and by that we mean things like going into raid with a team of awesome friends, besting content together in a blaze of glory.

Finding the right balance between progress, focus and relaxed atmosphere can be challenging but is also vital to us. We’re a guild fit between casual and hardcore yes, but nothing should ever stop you from becoming as good as you can or want to be. Progress is part of the fun with raiding as well, and we will be heading for hardmode content as soon as our bows, swords, guns and wands can carry us. That said you don’t need HC experience to join , but you do need to be prepared to work hard to improve. We believe that when a player feels truly relaxed and unafraid of making mistakes, that’s when they’ll really start to shine. Progress is never an excuse to act like a jerk towards others.

Understanding teamwork and knowing how to work together with others is important, and staying positive. Have a sense of humor and self distance. Know how to focus and perform when you need to. Have a strong will to improve yourself and your gameplay. Be able to give and receive constructive criticism. If your temper is short, have been known to nerd rage or is very impatient with others, this is not for you. As long as you keep improving & are nice, making mistakes is fine. If you’re not nice, you can gtfo. And that’s how we roll. ^^

When you join our team, you can expect always finding interesting people to talk to, who are interested in hearing your ideas, who show respect for you as an individual and your time. We raid 2 or 3 times a week depending on content release, and we try to keep our raids both fun and effective. We understand that people have obligations outside of the game which is why it’s extra important for us use the time we do have for raiding well.


Begil, Gumbor, Zivanka, Zeinab, Jorvar & Kallah

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