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Voting – Katla Tabard Competition

So finally all the tabards are in and voting can begin! You need to do this before Sunday 6PM server time (28th of April).  After that we will have an event announcing the winner, changing our tabard officially and handing … Continue reading

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Guild Tabard Competition!


Attention fellow Guild Members! \o/

The time has come… For our Tabard Competition!
Since the joining of Kindred Souls & Katla has taken place, it has been suggested that we change our tabard in honor of this. Which is ofc a splendid idea!

There has been a lot of talk about pink monkeys, dragons, mountains, unicorns and other unsavory things. This is a chance for you to blaze in glory and show your pro tabard making skillz.

To take part in the competition all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Use the site in step 1 to create your tabard of choice.
  3. Save your image as a .png file, or copy the link to it (like it says on the site).
  4. Email your contribution to before the deadline, and MAKE SURE you enter your ingame name AND the name you’ve chosen for your tabard. Also in ONE sentence, motivate why your tabard is the best one and should win.
  5. Wait for the deadline then go to the guild website and vote for the tabard you want to win!

There is a pot of 5000 GOLD for the winner of this competiton, and of course the chance to go down in history as “The Original Tabard Maker”.
The DEADLINE for emailing your contribution is the 18th of April, next Thursday at noon, 13PM. After that we will put the tabards on the web so you can vote. ^^ We will explain more about the voting then.

May the best maker win!

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It’s On!

Great and glorious news! The official merge is taking place tonight around 8PM server time. We will be raiding at the same time but we will take a break for this to welcome all the new arrivals! Some got a … Continue reading

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