Voting – Katla Tabard Competition

So finally all the tabards are in and voting can begin! You need to do this before Sunday 6PM server time (28th of April).  After that we will have an event announcing the winner, changing our tabard officially and handing out the price!

The voting will be done in game wow, read more about how to below!

How to Vote:
1. Look at all the tabards below and choose your two favorite ones. Click on the pics to see their motivation!

2. Send an ingame mail to Maryah where you include your First and Second choice. Make sure you include the number of the tabards so we know 100% which ones you mean.

3. Make sure you’re online for the ingame event on  Sunday evening where we announce the winning tabard! This will be done on teamspeak and in guild chat. :)

Click on an image to see it’s name, number and description!

[nggallery id=8]

Click here to view all tabards at once:


May the best tabard win!

//Ailur, Therran, Miznut, Sky, Emo, Thulgan, Kallah

About Kallah

Head Poncho. (Aka Ursamine, Cailleax, Gasque) Kallah does most of the recruiting for the guild and you can always approach her ingame or via e-mail with your recruiting questions or if you're curious about the guild. She's also obsessed with anything monk, discussion on this topic is ALWAYS welcome. :3
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