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Katla Guild Meeting & transmog competition, November 12 2014

banner3Honored Guild Members and fellow Katlaians!

The launch of Warlords of Draenor draws near, and in the preceding evening we will have a fabulous soirée to celebrate the event. This guild meeting will take place on November 12, at 20:00 server time.

Feel free to come celebrate in excellent company! Bring snacks, be on your best behavior, and dance, chitchat and just plain hang out as we wait for the clock to tick down to release.

In conjunction with the anniversary/WoD launch event , we will revisit the infamous Katla TRANSMOG COMPETITION again! Time to dust off your old fancy set or gather a new one; only your imagination — and I guess also wealth, luck and effort? — set the limit! The notice is somewhat short, but with old content being as easy to run as it is, I’m confident that you can gather a lot of stuff. We will later have another contest (TBA), so don’t despair if you feel you don’t have enough time now. I will strive to pick as breathtaking a venue as possible to match your undoubtedly equally breathtaking costumes. Makana will be organizing some transmog runs in old content to get you as much bling as possible.

The winner will receive GRAND PRIZES: the special unique “Hot Superstar” guild rank, a pile of shiny gold amounting to a total of 17.000 Gold and original artwork by Gumbor and Kallah of your character!

There will be three judges: Makana, Kallah and Jorchok.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

1. Everything you wear must be your class armor type (plate for warriors etc).

2. You may leave the cloak and helm hidden if you think they would make the whole set worse.

3. Everyone gets a turn in the limelight. Feel free to emote, use showy items and/or even give a speech. The three judges will look you over and then score you.

4. You will be scored points for aesthetics (1-15 points — basically how awesome/funny/scary you look), originality (1-10 points — how creative and unusual your set is), and presentation (1-5 points — this includes vanity pets, mounts, special-effect items etc that you show while on stage, provided they fit your costume), for a maximum of 30 points per judge.

5. In addition to the aforementioned prizes for the winner, the runner-up and Most Original Costume will also receive gold.

There is also an event in the in-game calendar; SIGN UP NOW and see you in the contest!

//Jorvar, On Behalf of the Katla Officer Team

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