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Twin Ogron Mythic have been brought to justice

And so around a week later after our take down of Mythic Bladefist, the Twin Ogron have been brought to justice by Katla. Good job crew! Thanks to everyone who signed up, to those on standby and a special thanks to Prim for his flexibility. Next up is the Brackenthing, see you on Tuesday!

Also here, have a video!

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Healer meeting Monday 19th at 9PM

Katla Raiders! 

nybanner3This coming Monday 19th at 21:00 we have called a meeting to discuss the healing of raids to assist the guild as we continue to progress through Mythic Highmaul and beyond. The meeting will consist of discussing healing strategies and communication as well as cooldown rotations. There will also be time for individuals to add points 

It is important that all Mythic-team Healers try and attend this meeting as we believe the team discussion and coordination gained from it is vital to the continuing success in Mythic Highmaul. 

However! If you haven’t been invited to the calendar event and believe you should be contact Kallah(Ursamine), Begil or any of the Guild’s Officers.

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Mythic Kargath Down

So after quite a lax christmas and new years break our team is finally continuing our mythic endeavors. Kargath was a bit of a push over as we suspected. Next up will be Twin Ogron, we don’t expect them to be much of a challenge either. Fun times though and great job team! Let’s keep it up! <3

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