Halfway there and back again, thank you Catlaians!

02Hey everyone!

Last week both Gruul and Flamebender Mythic got it handed to them by the Katla crew, that puts us 5/10 Mythic BRF and, eventhough the bosses we’ve dealt with might not be on the highest scale of the difficulty spectrum, that doesn’t make them easy or diminish the accomplishment.

We’re a casual, organised raiding guild with the goal of downing everything on hardmode. We’re succeeding. We do this with  determination, skill, patience and above all good camaraderie and love for the game.

We had a slow start this expack. Recruiting the right people is one of the most important parts of Katla and expanding to 20-man has been an ordeal for many guilds. We do not compromise. We chose to take it slow and continue to handpick everyone who becomes a part of the team, independent of their gear or lvl, what matters is the attitude, mindset and to a degree skill but skill also comes with determination. As the team is becoming more and more glued together by the day, I think it’s safe to say, it’s paid off.

  • To those of you that’s been here for years raiding steadily and accumulating the knowledge and wisdom of how to raid and run a guild and never give up.
  • To the returning faces that’s come back to help us build a new team and succeed in Mythic because they find Katla awesome and wouldn’t want to do it anywhere else.
  • To the new faces bringing their own quirks, skill and ambition, keeping the guild vibrant and alive.
  • To the raiders on standby for their humility and reliability and always putting the team first.
  • To team flawless (healerssss) and team fluffy (tonks) and team pewpew (er.. well).

This is my declaration of LOVE to you. Thank you for being part of Team Awesome I feel utterly proud raiding side by side with all of you. You’re some of the wisest, sexiest, smartest buggers I know. I seriously mean it, I’m a big sucker for this kind of shite :). <3 to ALL!

Finally, thanks to all guildies, raiders or no, the atmosphere in the guild is what makes people stay and a place ppl want to come back to. Without the socialness the raid team couldn’t exist either.  THANK  YOU!

SO, let’s buckle up and get ready to tackle the challenging last half of this tier. I look forward to seeing the bosses fall and hearing your nerdscreams over ts. Katla roar!

Best //Kallah

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Head Poncho. (Aka Ursamine, Cailleax, Gasque) Kallah does most of the recruiting for the guild and you can always approach her ingame or via e-mail with your recruiting questions or if you're curious about the guild. She's also obsessed with anything monk, discussion on this topic is ALWAYS welcome. :3
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