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Fury of Hellfire

Greetings gentle people! Tomorrow evening in order to hype for the new patch and the Wednesday we will NOT have a RAID, instead, we will have a raid meeting! Yes! This is because we feel it’s nice with a bit of a break for some, plus we’ve assembled some nifty tacs and tips for the bosses.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME to attend this. It will be tomorrow evening 8.30 server time! Go sign up! Bring snacks and lets hang out, talk raid, hellfire, class changes and etc.

Snacks are mandatory.

Welcome! ^^


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Mythic Imperator Bites the Dust

Hey guys, it’s me again.

So we killed this dude. Took us a bit longer than we anticipated but determination shall prevail which we’ve proven.
If I gotta wipe, I’d rather do it in your company. This fight was always about execution and never about gear.


And now, let’s get back to BRF. =D


imperator downed

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