Mythic Imperator Bites the Dust

Hey guys, it’s me again.

So we killed this dude. Took us a bit longer than we anticipated but determination shall prevail which we’ve proven.
If I gotta wipe, I’d rather do it in your company. This fight was always about execution and never about gear.


And now, let’s get back to BRF. =D


imperator downed

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Head Poncho. (Aka Ursamine, Cailleax, Gasque) Kallah does most of the recruiting for the guild and you can always approach her ingame or via e-mail with your recruiting questions or if you're curious about the guild. She's also obsessed with anything monk, discussion on this topic is ALWAYS welcome. :3
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One Response to Mythic Imperator Bites the Dust

  1. Punisher says:

    Best guild EU ^-^

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