Sticky: Katla Transmog Competition Fall 2015!

Come on and Sign,
Let your costumes Shine,
Join us in with festivities and on pumpkins we will dine!


Assemble Katlanians for the annual Transmog Competition!

On October 30th at 8PM, we will be hosting the annual Transmog Competitions somewhere secret and spooky. It is time to prepare your outfits and get ready to scare some gnomes. Let your imagination run wild with you.

The competition will be split into two separate categories: Hallow’s End and Transmog…

Judges: TBD (let us know if you are interested!)

Hallow’s End Costume Rules:*
You can wear anything to project the image you are trying to achieve. You are not limited to your class armor types. (ie: Warriors can wear cloth)
You may leave the cloak and helm hidden if you think they would make the whole set worse.
Everyone gets a turn in the limelight. Feel free to emote, use showy items and/or even give a speech.

Transmog Rules:**
Everything you wear must be your class armor type (plate for warriors, etc) **
As in Hallow’s end, you may leave cloak and helmet off if you think they would make the whole set worse.
Everyone will also get a chance in the limelight to show their hard work off.

There will be a grand prizes and a runner up prizes for both categories, and a fan favorite.
Grand Prize and Runner up will be decided by a jury. Fan Favorite will be decided via ingame vote.
You have three votes for the fan favorite. You cannot vote yourself, or another person more than once. The one with the most votes

There is a total pool of 50k gold spread among the winners and a special secret item!

* You can come with any character you wish in either competition. It can be different characters but you cannot have more than 2 characters in each category.
** Weapons can be transmogged onto any item as long its usable.

Text Courtesy of Esna and Pun.

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