An update regarding addons!

Hey people!tcg-series4-074-large
Many have been asking questions about what addons are needed for the various runs lately so I thought I’d go ahead and summarize.

For Mythic raiding we require:

For Heroic Raiding we require:

We also recommend Ora3 which can be configured to track specific cooldowns of other players in the raid, Exorsus Raid Tools to help with specific boss encounters and Tidy Plates for clean, configurable name plates.

Hope this cleared things up!

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Head Poncho. (Aka Ursamine, Cailleax, Gasque) Kallah does most of the recruiting for the guild and you can always approach her ingame or via e-mail with your recruiting questions or if you're curious about the guild. She's also obsessed with anything monk, discussion on this topic is ALWAYS welcome. :3
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