Protocol; Katla Guild Meeting October 5th 2015

Hey everyone!

We did not get a chance to do this before now but, for the record, here is the protocol from the guild meeting we had in October. We appologise for it’s lateness. //K

Katla Guild Meeting

Date: October 5th, 6.30PM Server Time
Present: A whole lotta people



  1. Open meeting
  2. Guild Runs
    1. When are they, how do they work?
    2. How do we want to arrange the loot rules?
  3. Upcoming Guild Events
    1. Wargames (pvp)
    2. Secret Evemt
    3. Halloween
    4. Achievement Runs
    5. Open question, what would you like to see?
  4. Healer meeting
  5. Other games ppl play; Hearthstone, Dota 2, HotS, LoL, open invitation!
  6. Forum and communication – Thoughts, opinions, input
  7. Open mic! Bring your ideas, questions, answers, songs, you name it.


  1.  Guild Runs
    1.  The guild runs are held every week on Thursdays and Mondays. The new time will be 19.45 Server time for invites and we go on till 22.30/23.00.
    2.  Regarding loot the following things were decided.
      1. RCLootCouncil addon will be used and mandatory.
      2. Mains take prio over alts but, if someone decide to main an “alt” regularly for these runs they should be considered a main.
      3. MS always has prio over OS.
      4. Friends outside guild might be invited to the runs but they do not have prio on loot.
      5. We did not decide whether to use Rolls or Loot Council, but it was said that we’d probably keep rolls (which later proved inefficient so now we use council).
  2. Upcoming Guild Events
    1. Wargames – We intend to run 10v10 Wargames against our neighbour guild; Ragnarök. We implore you to come and defend the guild honor! Sign up in the Guild Hall. More info to come.
    2. Secret Event – We are planning a secret, rp inspired event to take place during winter and we need your help arranging it! Nijan, Esna, Makana volunteers to help out. Kallah will message them with more info about the event further on (probably November).
    3. Halloween – The Katla Transmog Competition is taking place during Halloween this year! We gather on Friday 30th of October. Event in calendar, sign up!
      1. It was asked if the event would be strictly transmog or also include RP clothing. The answer is there will be 2 categories, one for each and one of them will be Hallow’s End inspired.
    4. Achievment Runs – In terms of raiding members seem mainly interested in HFC Achievement but Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry were also mentioned.
      1. Members can add their wishes for achievmens in this thread on the forums.
      2. During October and November we will do Achievment runs on Fridays approximately every second week.
    5. Open Mic – More PvP was mentioned but officers explained that eventhough they’d love to see more PvP in the guild they might not have time to organise it right away. Officers mentioned that The Wargames could serve as a warm up to do more PvP with guildies and the meeting agreed.
  3. Healer meeting
    1. It was announced that we’re still having one but no date was confirmed.
    2. Officers explained what the healing meeting is: an opportunity for people interested in healing to discuss the various strength and weaknesses of their class and spec, to share opinions and advice regarding specific encounters and in general talk about how we can improve together during raid.
  4. Other games ppl play; Hearthstone, Dota 2, HotS, LoL, open invitation!
    1. The meeting shared games they play, among others Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2, Don’t Starve, Europa Universalis 5 and Hearthstone.
    2. Sarodan proposed arranging a Hearthstone tournament and he will look into this to see if it can be arranged within the near future.
    3. Guildies want to be able to play together but were not sure how to get hold of eachother, the following suggestions came up:
      1. Guild Skype Chat – Poke an officer to be added to this lively chat!
      2. Guild Steam Group – Poke an officer if you want to join. This group is not that active but officers will look into seeing if we can improve it a bit.
      3. Ask on Forums or Facebook.
  5. Forums and Communication
    1. It was agreed that the forums are an under used resource for the guild and the meeting discussed how this can be improved. Members in general were encouraged to ramp up their attention of the forums.
    2. Meeting concluded that in general communication in the guild is working fine, with the exeption then that the forums could be utilized better.
  6. Open Mic!
    1. Glimpse, Vengabus and maybe Charlotte (Charlotte ended up staying) will be stepping down from the officer position dure to IRL commitments and therefor we will be looking to promote 1 or 2 new officers. Members can nominate people for the officer spot by chatting to Kallah*.

End Protocol

*Nominations are still open as of writing date (October 30th 2015) but Esna has been promoted as the latest officer within the guild alread.

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Head Poncho. (Aka Ursamine, Cailleax, Gasque) Kallah does most of the recruiting for the guild and you can always approach her ingame or via e-mail with your recruiting questions or if you're curious about the guild. She's also obsessed with anything monk, discussion on this topic is ALWAYS welcome. :3
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