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Final Results of Hearthstone Tournament!

The Hearthstone Tournament has come to an end!
Congratulations to Varthrix for winning the lot and Akoran for taking the finalist spot!
Link to final standings:

Thank you everyone for competing and people viewing the games.
Great job everyone, we will see you in future with more tournaments like this.
Until then may the RNG gods be in your favor!




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Hearthstone Tournament Update!


Day 2 of the Hearthstone Tournament has come to an end.
Tomorrow at 5pm server time we shall continue with one game from round 2 and then to the epic semi finals and the grand final!!
Link to standings:
Thank you everyone for playing and watching!


First day was a great success for the HS Tournament!                                                                                                               Round 1 is neeearly complete.Tune in tomorrow at 13:00 server time at to watch the rest of the tournament!

Here are the standings at the moment:


Great job to all contenders and viewers for the awesome day, we await you tomorrow!



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