Katla Raiding Manifesto


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Mythic: Punisher, Sarodan, Padfoot, Artemisana
Heroic: Any of us plus 2 member who organise events.

Raiding Times

(All times are server time).
Wed 19.15 – 22.00 CET
Sun 19.15 – 22.00 CET
Tues 19.15 – 22.00 CET

Additional Raids for all members
Thursday 20.00-22.30 CET
Mon 20.00-22.30 CET

Invites go out 15 minutes before raid start! Don’t be late.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask any of the raid leaders for advice.

How to sign for raid, Times & Invites

  • Check ingame calendar for Raiding events. Click Sign Up if you know that you can come. If you’re not sure, click ‘Tentative’ so an eventual replacement can be made ready should you not show up. If you do sign tentative, try and let us know at least the night before the raiding day if you can come or not. If you don’t we might need to find a replacement.
  • Strive to sign up at least 24h before raid time. Preferably earlier.
  • We strive to confirm the setup the evening before so people get a chance to make other plans if they are not needed, however if you’re put as “Standby” the RL might want to request that you show up or come for specific bosses. If you’re put as “Standby” poke RL to see why!
  • Invites go out 15 min before raid start. You are expected to be online with your main and ungrouped.
  • Raids last for a continous 3 hours at a time. You are expected to be online for the full duration of the raid. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. We have regular breaks during raid.
  • If you’re late or need to skip out, inform your RL via ingame, the forum or via guild facebook page asap. This will allow us the chance to find someone who can fill in for you.


To us it’s important that everyone feels welcome to the raid. Every raid member is equally vital for the team to be successful and should be treated as such.

Be prepared to receive feedback and listen when someone is trying to give you advice. Also be ready to contribute your own ideas, communicate, take initiative and be adaptive during raid.

Stay positive, wipes are bound to happen and you need to be able to shake them off and go again with renewed focus. Mistakes are part of the learning procedure and each team is different, some bosses will go easy and some take more tries than others. That said, if you’re not learning from your mistakes, it could mean you’re not ready for the difficulty level yet and you might be asked to sit out. If you see someone who obviously does not understand and you think you know better, calmly instruct them on ways to improve preferably over whisper alternatively bring it up with RL.

We don’t accept any kind of flaming in our raids. Nerdraging is very demotivating for a team and bad for progress. Remember that people learn in different ways, sometimes a bit of encouragement is all it takes to get something right. When a person feels completely comfortable with their team, that’s when they will really start to shine.


  • Be the champion and source of knowledge for your class! Strive to push the limits for what you can do and how you can excel during each encounter. This includes what spec is ideal for an encounter, what talents, glyphs etc and the research that comes with it.
  • Be on time. Respect the breaks. Don’t waste time by enchanting and fixing gear during raid, you should be prepared. Don’t take prolonged AFK’s during the raid. If you need to AFK, tell RL; and if it’s going to be for a long time or happen frequently during that raid, please excuse yourself from the raid. Do not come to the raid with a different spec than your main or on an alt, unless requested to. If you ARE late, you will not receive the same amount of EP as the rest of the group.
  • Understand that loot is there to improve the team as a whole, not to benefit an individual
  • No linking of DPS/HPS/TPS meters in raid chat. It is both irrelevant and counter productive to the raid environment. We all have our meters, and we all see how each member perform in regards to their role and in terms of output. If you have feedback, be constructive and analytical.


We log all our fights and we often study them in detail afterwards. If we see someone struggling with something we try to offer advice and give them time to improve. In Katla we don’t like accusing or pointing fingers, we just focus on how to improve and we do it together as a team. :)


As a raider you’re expected to have around 90% attendance. Missing more than 2 raids a month will put unnecessary strain on the rest of the team, while going with a roster of 20-24.

Maintaining an Offspec

As a raider you’re expected to choose an offspec that you maintain and be prepared to play it. This is particularly relevant for healers, or main DPS with healing Offspecs. When it comes to full DPS classes such as hunter, mage or warlock we expect you to strive to understand all your specs and swap accordingly depending on what the fight needs or what spec is most efficient during a specific patch.

Voice Chat

Be on Discord just before raid start on raid nights and remain there for the full duration of the raid. Discord is our main source for communication for raiding. During actual encounters we need peace and quiet to focus. Stick to information that is relevant for the encounter if you have to talk. You should be focusing on the fight and while a comment here and there is alright, constant talking is not. That said we encourage our raiders to liven things up in between encounters! Also thoughts or constructive ideas on how to improve the group’s performance are more than welcome, but do it in between pulls.

Raiding outside of Katla

If you are part of a raid team, don’t save yourself to any current raid content outside of Katla. Your group will be counting on your availability in order to do raids within the guild together! If you are sitting out for some reason and feel you need to pug for gear on a particular week, make sure to keep your RL in the loop so they know about it!

Loot System – EPGP + Loot Council

  1. We use a EPGP as basis for our loot distribution. EP standing for Effort Points and GP standing for Gear Points.
  2. EP is rewarded for attendance. Not per boss kill. If you are late, you will receive less EP. We never withdraw EP as punishment for any reason.
  3. GP is added to you when you receive gear. The more important the slot and the better ilvl, the more points you will recieve.
  4. Your priority is calculated by dividing your EP with your GP. And that’s mainly what we go by when handing out loot.
  5. Each week the EP decay a little bit, to assure balance over time.
  6. The Loot Council is the actual ruling body for gear and manage the EPGP distribution. Generally we just go by EPGP’s priority but for tough calls, the Council can make a specific ruling. This makes it easier to prioritise BIS gear, and make sure that itemisation is ideal for the one receiving the loot.
  7. Standby raiders and Trialists do not have priority on loot, and their gear is Loot Counciled.
  8. Vanity items are rolled for equally by everyone in raid chat. This includes mounts, pets, bags etc.


For Mythic raiding we require our members to have the following addons installed:

We also recommend Ora3 which can be configured to track specific cooldowns of other players in the raid.

For our Heroic raiding you are required to install RCLootCouncil (IF you want to receive loot that is :D ).


When we recruit new raiders, they are first taken in as trialists. This is for us to decide how well you fit in with our team, and for you to decide if you feel at home raiding with us. We take three main things into account for candidates: 1. Personality 2. Mindset 3. Performance. Your trial period will last as long as we think it’s necessary and feel reassured you will be a suitable addition to our team (or until you yourself feel sure that you want to commit to our raids). A small tip; a sure way to impress us is to ALWAYS be on time.

Before being accepted as a raider you first need to apply to the guild, if we think your app looks good you’ll be asked to come for a chat over Discord! The interview is not very fancy, mostly we tell you a bit about our guild, and we might also have some extra questions for you regarding your app. :) If that feels fine, you’ll be asked if you want to trial with Katla.

Standby Raiders

Standby raiders are members of the guild who want to raid, but might have an irregular schedule or slightly limited time. Standby raiders do not have priority for spots on raid night and their gear is loot counciled. We’re very grateful to have skilled and modest people on standby to help us through the rougher patches that might occur! <3