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Addons we recommend


ElvUI Description: ElvUI is a complete overhaul of the user interface. It contains a lot of extra features which isn’t included in the default UI and is very customizable. Why we recommend it: ElvUI is recommended because it gives a … Continue reading

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Preparing for Raid: Arcane Mage


This guide is intended to bring you useful information in order to better prepare yourself for end game PvE content with your Arcane Mage. It’s current with patch 4.2. Menu Stat Priority Reforging Gemming Enchants Spec Builds and Glyphs Potions, … Continue reading

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Current raid setup September


Hey hey,

so finally people are starting to hit 85 left and right which is very cool. We can seriously start thinking about our raid group and Firelands is within reach. Which of course is awesome.

I’ve been talking to people about raiding and roles and here below is the current setup that we’ve got. This is not set in stone.
It was a while back since we did this so some info might be off, especially in regards to what your main spec is and how you’ve chosen to focus when gearing up.

  • If some info is incorrect or you have changed your mind and would like to switch role/toon/spec etc, just make a comment below or email me directly and we’ll sort it out as best we can.
  • Suggestion for raid times is evenings, 3 hours straight, 2-3 times a week. No overly long sessions, since people have lives, work etc. Imput on this is welcome, as well as suggestions for weekdays and hours.
  • If you wish to add a character to the raid group, or you wish to enter the raid group, message me ingame or email to dogbones[at]

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