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High-end Missions Guide


This guide is intended to shed some light into high-end missions and the rewards you can get from them. It is by no means a min/max guide, more like guidelines on how things work.

The lewt!

Let’s get started with the good stuff! Here is a list of equipment you can get with missions at level 100:

  • Highmaul Raid Loot (655+) – Highmaul missions that require 645 itemlevel from your followers. The reward scales with your raid progression, meaning if you clear Highmaul on Normal, you’ll get Heroic level loot from the mission. Same for Heroic -> Mythic. No confirmation on how it determines the level of reward you get yet.
  • Grandiose Item Tokens (645) – Missions that require 630 itemlevel from your followers. All gear slots included.
  • Turbulent Item Tokens (630) – Missions that require 615 itemlevel from your followers. All gear slots included.
  • Munificent Item Tokens (615) – Level 100 missions with no itemlevel requirements.
  • World drop stuff (665) – Extremely rare drop from Big Crates of Salvage, which require the Salvage Yard building at level 3.

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Things to do in Warlords of Draenor: Garn Nighthowl

Hey there Guildies!

I decided to make this post to let people know about a little-known mount that is available in the world of Draenor. The Garn Nighthowl is a very cool, very ferocious looking Wolf mount from the Frostfire Ridge.

An interesting point to note is this mount is not BoP and you can loot it as many times as you are able to kill the boss. Meaning with a bit of time and effort this mount could be a decent gold farm at the start of this expansion.

Read on!
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Gearing in Warlords

Hey Guild!
Found this awesome guide listing an overview for how to Gear up at the start of Warlords.

Read about:

  • How to start your questline for the Legendary Ring
  • Craftable items and their upgradesApexis Crystals
  • Ilvl drops from HC Dungeons and raids

And more! I recommend checking it out if you feel lost! :)


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Addons we recommend


ElvUI Description: ElvUI is a complete overhaul of the user interface. It contains a lot of extra features which isn’t included in the default UI and is very customizable. Why we recommend it: ElvUI is recommended because it gives a … Continue reading

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Knock Knock, who’s there? Warlords that’s who!


Hai! Now that Warlords is finally here. it’s time to prepare for a new adventures through the Dark Portal. I’m gonna provide some links to some lore and some guides, or helpful tools. Okay, let’s get started: Patch notes! … Continue reading

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