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Twin Ogron Mythic have been brought to justice

And so around a week later after our take down of Mythic Bladefist, the Twin Ogron have been brought to justice by Katla. Good job crew! Thanks to everyone who signed up, to those on standby and a special thanks to Prim for his flexibility. Next up is the Brackenthing, see you on Tuesday!

Also here, have a video!

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A Guide to the ELV UI addon.

Here is the saved video clip from tonight’s broadcast.
The quality will be improved for next time and it will probably be a shorter episode.

If anyone is interested in streaming and/or helping to make guides or anything similar, just contact an officer to see if you can get a streaming key!
Feel free to poke me with questions or feedback. //Kallah

Watch live video from KatlaGuild on Twitch

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The Katla Youtube Channel

Hey everyone! From now on our videos will be featured in the Katla Youtube channel. You find it here >>

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Katla VS Heroic Spine of Deathwing


Here finally comes the video sorry for the delay!

Spine downed on Jun 11, 2012 19:29

After a lot of downtime for various players and swapping about with groups. The merged effort of team 1 and 2 got us the Spine kill and shortly after the Madness kill.

An almost flawless kill with one minor snag (check the vid to see if you can spot it :P).

Extremely smooth encounter and great job everyone!



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Katla VS Warmaster Blackhorn HC

The warmaster has been called to justice and here’s the vid!

This fight was extremely fun I thought. Everyone is acting like aces in this video and the transition is absolutely flawless. So cool to see us pull it together when we were so tired. We are amazing at keeping the mood up through the wipes too, I think that’s the real challenge with this fight tbh.

And the end was absolutely thrilling!

Thank you as always for the vid Thinktank! (:

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