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Class changes schedule: LEGION


The coming week they will be posting the class changes for Legion. So at blizzcon they announced that they will release previews of what is coming for legion and some things that will change (hunter going to be swinging around a pointy staff). Il try to keep this post as much updated as possible with links to the corresponding pages on wow website.

This is a preview so they could still be fine tuned and changed keep this in mind.
So! Rejoice in the buffs, let the tears flow for the nerfs here are the class changes for LEGION!



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WoW 10th Anniversary – Return to the Molten Core

molten-coreHey everyone!

I’m guessing no one has been missing the return of Molten Core for the 10’th WoW anniversary starting November 21 lasting until Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 10 a.m. PST. The raid itself will be in LFR format and it is indeed a 40-man raid. One can only guess at the chaos about to ensue. We will be celebrating this occasion by running a full 40-man raid together with a lovely neighboring guild, and ofc there will also be some LFR runs in calendar. Don’t miss out!

Guild Events

  • Joint Katla & Ragnarök 40-man raid will take place on Friday the 18th at 8.30 PM server time. Event in Calendar! We will have access to 20 spots only!
  • Also keep an eye out for guild lfr runs of MC as well. ^^

Guaranteed Drops

Ilvl Requirements

Currently no information has been released about ilvl requirements but we’re expecting it to be pretty low (610-615), probably on par with HC dungeon drops.

MC Trivia

Also here’s some fun Molten Core Trivia for you to check out!



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This Wednesday – Hour of Twilight

Look. It’s a vid. :o

Not the snazziest trailer they’ve made so far but yeah, it’s here.
See you in dungeons! //Kallah

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