Joining the Guild

If you’re looking to join our guild, use the form below to write your app, tell us why you would like to join and how you heard about us (we like this part the best ^^ ). If you’re applying as raider, you need to fill in the entire form. If you have questions you’re welcome to contact us ingame directly, just /w one of our officers. We don’t accept under age (18) applications as a general rule.

We’re looking for you with a great attitude towards raiding & teamwork. If you’re motivated, knowledgeable of your class & want a team characterized by focus, great atmosphere & mutual respect, this is for you.

Come join the friendliest guild (one of them ^^) on the server and face the Warlords of Draenor together with us!

If you fit in on one or more of these you might want to consider applying:

  • You have deep knowledge of your class and all it’s specs.
  • You have previous hardmode raiding experience.
  • You have an endless will to learn everything about your class and to improve.
  • You can receive and give criticism.
  • You love challenge.
  • You understand that loot is there to benefit the entire team, not an individual..
  • You have keen senses and high raid awareness.
  • You have valuable pvp experience.
  • You have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • You believe in and understand teamwork.
  • You can listen to others.
  • You are very cool.
  • You like cats.
  • You enjoy analyzing tactics.
  • You are Polite (seriously, if you’re not nice, gtfo =).

Before you apply:
Read about our Guild Rules & Guidelines
Read about our Raiding Rules & Guidelines

Important for joining!

Currently our application form is undergoing some maintenance. Because of this applications need to be done directly via the guild email. Tell us why you are applying to our guild, introduce yourself and if you’re applying for a raid spot make sure that you let us know what kind of understanding you have of your class and spec. And let us understand what is important to you when you raid. It’s up to you to decide what might be important enough to go in the application. Sen your mail to: