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Class changes schedule: LEGION


The coming week they will be posting the class changes for Legion. So at blizzcon they announced that they will release previews of what is coming for legion and some things that will change (hunter going to be swinging around a pointy staff). Il try to keep this post as much updated as possible with links to the corresponding pages on wow website.

This is a preview so they could still be fine tuned and changed keep this in mind.
So! Rejoice in the buffs, let the tears flow for the nerfs here are the class changes for LEGION!



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Protocol; Katla Guild Meeting October 5th 2015


Hey everyone! We did not get a chance to do this before now but, for the record, here is the protocol from the guild meeting we had in October. We appologise for it’s lateness. //K Katla Guild Meeting Date: October … Continue reading

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An update regarding addons!

Hey people!tcg-series4-074-large
Many have been asking questions about what addons are needed for the various runs lately so I thought I’d go ahead and summarize.

For Mythic raiding we require:

For Heroic Raiding we require:

We also recommend Ora3 which can be configured to track specific cooldowns of other players in the raid, Exorsus Raid Tools to help with specific boss encounters and Tidy Plates for clean, configurable name plates.

Hope this cleared things up!

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Sticky: Katla Transmog Competition Fall 2015!

Come on and Sign,
Let your costumes Shine,
Join us in with festivities and on pumpkins we will dine!


Assemble Katlanians for the annual Transmog Competition!

On October 30th at 8PM, we will be hosting the annual Transmog Competitions somewhere secret and spooky. It is time to prepare your outfits and get ready to scare some gnomes. Let your imagination run wild with you.

The competition will be split into two separate categories: Hallow’s End and Transmog… Continue reading

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