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Hello Stranger!

Katla is a medium sized guild with it’s home on the Argent Dawn EU realm, it was stated during late 2011. It’s very likely that it sports some of the friendliest people you will come across in this game. :)

Raiding in Katla
We do semi casual 20 man raiding aimed at Mythic content, we’re organized and dedicated and expect our players to respect times and focus during raid. We do encourage friendly banter between pulls and we always try and make sure that everyone feels really welcome to our raids. Each player matter and we enjoy eachother’s company a lot. Raiding with us you will find a fun team that is easy going, supportive and also has the ability to perform.

Hanging out in Katla
We have a lively guild chat and an altruistic guild environment, bigotry is definitely not tolerated. We expect our members to be kind, and cool. :) It’s perfectly okay to join in just to hang out even if you don’t have a particular interest in raiding. Most of our members are above 18 and the tone is relaxed but mature (with a touch of nutty). We accept and understand that people have a life, studies, families etc. Discussions in guild chat vary from anything between scrutinizing class mechanics, dj’ing, Transformers, how to bake the best muffins, swords, film, cars, history, knitting, ice cream, gaming, unicorns, art, spaceships and stuff.

Join us
If you’re interested in joining, make sure you’ve read through the guild rules, then fill out your application here on the website >>. Any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to message an officer in-game. You need to make an application independent of if you’re applying as raider or social.

Officers Crew
Punishèr, Sarodan, Artemisana, Pàdfoot

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