About the Katla name

The Brothers Lionheart
Katla is a fictional female dragon from the Swedish children’s book The Brothers Lionheart, written by Astrid Lindgren.

Katla is a huge ancient monster in the land of Nangijala, with the ability to spray flames from her mouth, just like its namesake volcano in Iceland. And if a victim of the flames survives, the victim is paralyzed. Katla is controlled and will obey only a lur, which is owned by the evil warlord Tengil, who uses Katla to terrorize Nangijala. When the citizens of Cherry Valley rises up against Tengil, he uses Katla to stop them, but loses the lur to a Jonathan Lionheart, one of the protagonists. Jonathan uses the lur to make Katla kill Tengil, but Katla later burns Jonathan, mortally wounding him. Before dying, Jonathan manages to push a large rock onto Katla, making her fall into a river. In the river she battles another great beast, Karm the lindworm, and the two monsters kill each other. (Wikipedia)

It seemed fitting that we named our guild after this dragon in part because raiding is all about taking down monstrosities on regular basis together with your fellow team. Additionally we wanted to take our hats off to an increadible lady whom we consider one of the most epic storytellers of all time; Astrid Lindgren. To us epic storytelling is something that goes well with the themes found in the World of Warcraft game.