The Guild Rules


We strive to be open in mind and atmosphere within Katla but we do have a set of ideals that we abide by. These exist in an attempt to make the experience while playing and the time you spend and invest within the guild as pleasurable as possible.


We severely frown upon bigotry. Don’t use any type of offensive, discriminating, or childish chat anywhere in the game. It is okay to joke around from time to time; it is not okay to harass anyone for any reason. Racist, homophic, transphobic or sexist slander is not something we tolerate or take lightly, nor is derogatory speech concerning, but not limited to, religious beliefs.

Treat people with respect always. Inside the guild, outside the guild, and have self respect as well. Be kind, and be a bit better. When you’re part of Katla you represent the guild, wear the guild name with class. Be nice is our most important rule, sometimes it’s surprising to see how challenging this can be for some individuals. If or when conflict arise, bring it up privately with an officer or with guild leader. Never be afraid to raise an issue if you feel the need for it. (Just get it out! Don’t go around brooding about it). Refrain from unnecessary drama both within and outside guild, we are here to have fun and try to have the best gaming experience we possibly can.

Respect Blizzard’s TOA and EULA. Do not advertise the sale of characters, gold, items etc. Do not use bot software, if you get caught you will be booted from the Guild, and likely be banned by Blizzard.


Age in Guild
Although maturity isn’t always connected to age, most of our members are above 18. We will generally not accept players who are underage, although exceptions to this rule might be made on occasion at the discretion of the Guild Council.

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